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Biolinx by Africabio

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3 User Roles



Create Courses, Upload Reading Materials, Give and Mark Assignments, Make Announcements, Create Discussion Thread, Enroll or Unenroll Students, Create Quiz Game



Enroll into a Course, Download Reading Materials, Submit Assignments, View Announcements, Participate in Discussion with Instructor and Coursemates, Play Quiz Game



User Management (Add + Edit + Delete + Approve + Reject + Disable User Login + Reset Password for a User), Make Campus Announcement that all users can see

Table Setting

The Process

Instructor or Student register by themselves

Share the registration link to the instructors or students and ask them to register by themselves

Admin Approve or Reject the Registration Request

Instructor or student will receive an email notification while the admin approve or reject the request

Instructor Create a Course Channel

Enter course channel name and description, manage the course channel, share enroll link with students

Student Enroll into a Course Channel

Student can search and view all the available course channels, as well as enroll into a course

Instructor Upload Reading Materials, Give Assignments, and more...

Instructor can upload reading materials in the form of audio, video, text, links, and files. Student can download all the materials.


Everthing that is essential for teaching and learning


Different dashboard showing interesting statistic for admins, instructors and students


Choose your preferred background color (light theme or dark theme) in the setting page


Instructor give assignment > Student submit > Instructor give mark > Student view mark


Instructor share video conference invitation link (e.g. ZOOM / Google Hangout link)


Instructor or student can create discussion thread > discuss everthing about the course together


Instructor can manage students in their courses, enroll or unenroll a student


Simple and interesting MCQ quiz game for students to play that includes sound effect.


Instructor create chapters in the courses and upload reading materials in each chapter


Responsive bootstrap 3 design, user friendly in laptop, tab, and mobile phone